Bio Suisse Supply Chain Monitor (SCM)

In March 2017, Bio Suisse introduced an electronic system called the ‘Bio Suisse Supply Chain Monitor (SCM)’. This system replaces the previously used traceability attestations.

All products delivered to Switzerland that are to be sold under the Bio Suisse ‘Bud’ trademark must be declared through the SCM and confirmed by Bio Suisse.

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Latest news

  • SCM Release: October 2017 We have learned a lot from user experience since the start of the pilot phase. Thank you for all of your feedback! The latest version of the SCM was released on 7 October.
  • TRACES / SCM: In 2017 the EU introduced a monitoring system called TRACES for the importation of organic products. TRACES will also be used in Switzerland and will be launched there in January 2018. Only deliveries from outside of the EU must be declared in TRACES. This means that deliveries from outside of the EU must henceforth be declared in both systems. Find out more about TRACES here.

    SCM offers tools to facilitate working with both systems. Please see the ‘Usermanual’.